It’s probably just a simple ploy to try to mimic myspace, but now xanga is offering us the opportunity to choose “friends.”  It’s not enough simply to subscribe to the people you know–now you have to be “friends.”

I’m not sure I’m ready for this kind of commitment (grin).

I must say, though, I am hopeful that xanga will not delve toward myspace philosophies in other ways.  If it even gradually begins shifting toward a collection of sites on which people paste sexually provocative photos of themselves for all to see (as myspace accounts, sadly, have the reputation of doing), then I shall abandon it altogether.  And so, my new xanga-friends, if at some point I become strangely silent on here, do not be terribly surprised that I have forsaken the online journal universe…only please revert back to the archaic “emailing” method of commerce and communication (smile).   For I will miss you.

p.s. “The North Avenue Irregulars” was quite entertaining (grin).  Anyone up for “Rear Window” tomorrow night?  Give me a shout…


  1. man, that sounded almost like a farewell speech of somesort. how sad.
    the n.a.i. was quite amusing, i must say. especially the credits at the beginning… now that’s top notch entertainment right there! *grin and a wink* fun times.
    AAAAHHHH!!! consider that my shout. *grin* lemme know if it pans out.


  2. kb3emj says:

    rear window rocks!have fun and don’t leave us


  3. nunosfriend says:

    I’d be up for it if I decide not to attend the MuteMath show with the Joneses…I will call you


  4. amylynn60 says:

    As my few posts in recent months, and my daughters’ non-existent posts in recent months may attest to, I have grown VERY disillusioned with online journaling!  Unfortunately, a few bad apples can make things unpleasant (if not downright dangerous!) for others….  Anonymous posts, anonymous subscribers with nasty journals, threats, cutting remarks, well-meaning, naive teenagers exposing too much about their schedules, whereabouts, and highly personal heart issues–all of that has contributed to my disillusionment.  What could and should be a fun and interesting way to keep up with friends and make new friends, is abused by the not-so-nice element.  It’s a real shame! 😦


  5. Mattyaction says:

    You watched N.A.I. and didn’t call me…shame on you. On a side note, I think the black woman driving that dump truck in that big crash scene was my favorite driver. On another note, my brother gave my Swiss Family Robinson on DVD for my birthday.
    I totally agree with the sluttiness of myspace. Have you also noticed how hotmail is putting crap ads on the sign-in screen now too?


  6. Anonymous says:

    oooh, good movie


  7. i have! what on earth…? MSN, myspace–even xanga sometimes puts some sexual advertisements in their banners, which makes me wonder if blogger isn’t the way to go. i recently encouraged my friend broadstone to go there, since they don’t have the ads popping up at the top…i may take my own advice, if these things continue.sorry, matty! i should have called–but i’d be willing to air it again in the near future (i still have the dvd) if you’d like (smile). by the way, saw josh and christa saturday at the cheap theater–his last day at lifeway is friday! then it’s all worship, all the time (grin). cheers to josh!


  8. GazingSoul says:

    Mm, rear window. I wanna come


  9. My friend Brad has a blogger account and it’s awesome.  Unlimited pix AND videos etc., as well as no trashy ads… I love my xanga but blogger’s looking better and better.


  10. Friends, together, let us be resolved then to defy the corruption and speak as much as we can upon the magnificence of our Lord, His goodness to all and His especial love for His Bride, His people! In that way perhaps we may sanctify this place…this xanga space…


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