As a man who has resolved not to pay money for television (and so, has no cable tv), I was forlorn that I would be unable to view most of the World Cup matches.  Depths of despair untold were mine.  I packed my days with many other responsibilities and tasks, thinking that if I could but find enough diversion, the sadness would be numbed away.

Then I stumbled upon ESPN 360.

Oh my.

You can literally watch the matches live on the internet as they’re being played.  How friggin’ awesome is that?!!  My first viewing was last night–the lackluster Ukraine/Switzerland match (I’d picked the Swiss–alas! they lost).  But today I’ve watched a good bit of Brazil v. Ghana (way to go, Ghana! even in a loss, you guys were incredible!) and now France v. Spain.  So far these two have both come out to play.

I just marvel that I’m watching actualy TV coverage on my computer.  Okay, so maybe I’m way behind the times, but that still strikes me as pretty sweet.


  1. PennyDaisy says:

    A friend’s husband (and soccer player) was telling me about Brazil last night (we saw them play Australia on Father’s Day). I had mentioned how much the ABC commentators had raved about the Aussi defense holding Brazil scoreless until the last few minutes. Kent said, on the contrary, Brazil is good enough to sit on their hands until it’s crunch time. They’ll stay ahead sure–if the other team scores one goal, Brazil will score two; if it’s two, Brazil will score three or four. But they’re very careful about scoring away from home, and they won’t beat the host team by more than two goals, out of respect. So they weren’t being held, they were just being polite? Apparently. And they never whup up on somebody just ’cause they can? Nope.Okay, I’m impressed.


  2. ecorockstar says:

    !!!! i didn’t know you could do that!?!?!


  3. I got to watch the Brazil vs.Ghana game on my lunch break.  I only saw the last half but I picked Brazil although Ghana did have some good plays. 


  4. lizapierce says:

    i’m not so excited about the soccer watching, though that is great for you, but i am excited that ABC often posts entire episdoes of LOST online after they have aired, as that’s how i will be watching it from China.


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