Strike Back

Yeahp. that’s what I’m listening to today.  And can I just say that I still enjoy me a little Supertones every once in awhile.  They made the leap to my iPod over the weekend, and that makes them and me happy.  Other ancient bands of note which were imported in the past few days: Reality Check (self-titled and only album…remember them?), Caedmon’s Call (self-titled, 40 Acres, and Back Home), and Third Day (Time).  So there.

Let me drown in an ocean of devotion
Let my joy be in service and love my emotion
Let me be closer that Your right hand
Tighter than Your left hand and let me be a Godly man
‘Til the day I die, ’til the fire’s just smoke
I will go for broke ’til my last word’s spoke
If I limp then I will run with a limp
I’ll win some and lose some, but I’ll make my attempt

Last breath before the candle flickers out
I will speak the name of Jesus!

I will keep fightin’ to the knockout, even if I’m knocked out
Hittin’ hard, I’m hittin’ for the belt
My soul will keep going ’til my body buckles under
Till my bloody knuckles carry us to heaven by the truckfulls
I will be as stubborn as a pitbull,
Neutral as a nazi, resolute like Ghandi
I will keep preachin’ ’til I’m took out,
‘Til I’m Heaven en route–
No sell out!

The Supertones always make me think of my friend who, with wife and daughter, are presently in another country.  This music reminds me of one crazy night driving down to Atlanta in my old Corsica, trying desperately to find the Gwinnett Civic Center with two great friend and two virtual strangers, a crazy Jamaican lady redirecting us, and finally, at long last, arriving at Ska-mania.  Five Iron, Insyderz, and Supertones all together.  Admit it, you’re jealous.


Yeah, Five Iron.  How late we learned that you guys were actually the best.


  1. I remember ska-mania!  (sigh)  Fun times.  Anyway, it may be a little late to cast a vote but I think “I, Claudius” sounds fun.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I believed Five Iron was the best all along. If I had millions of dollars, one of my first acts would be to reassemble the band and pay them to make more albums.


  3. Anonymous says:

    P.S. I also find it weird that we were both at the same Skamania show. Until recent years, I still had my old Skamania 98 shirt.


  4. Mattyaction says:

    Dangit, Dav! Now you’ve got me blubbering all over the place like a girl watching Hugh Grant in one of those Victorian remakes. I too remember that night well…in fact, every time since that I’ve traveled down 75, I’ve made sure to shout “looookeeaaaad!” Another good memory would be coming out of the pit with Snead after a few songs and being completely drenched in sweat. Yeah, good times. Yeah, Ben Horne and David Mann,


  5. SirWaterz says:

    caedom’s call is good i like Mystery of Mercy


  6. PennyDaisy says:

    I like those lyrics. [“…I’ll make my attempt.”]I must admit, I never listened to Five Iron Frenzy. Not sure why. Never introduced? [That’s not to say that if we had been introduced I would have liked them.] I also just realized that the last Caedemon’s Call album I have is Long Line of Leavers. It’s been a while. Which is sad since they’re one of our hometown bands.


  7. oh david. oh david..Yay, no sell out!!!um… i’m leaving in, like, 24 hours. aaaaahhhhh!*grin*


  8. isa1 says:

    Hey D,
    I remember seeing 5 Iron @ Calvary FTL in ’98..they put on a really good show! But, i was always more of a Supertones fan…not sure why. Maybe it’s because i felt like their lyrics were stronger, maybe it was because they kept me company while walking through some lonely streets in Germany… Anyway, i wish that i wouldn’t have let all of my early-mid 90’s Christian music go…those guys who did a good job of filling my Smashing Pumpkins and Soundgarden void as a new believer…  Have a good one, and please lift us up as we minister to “the least of these” in Romania…


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