A Book

Some friends of mine at Precept have asked me to try my hand at writing a Precept Inductive Bible study for teens.  It’s to be a six-week st udy in relationships.  I know, why on earth would they ask me, right?  Well, ours is not to question why, ours is but to write and pray really really hard (smile).  Anyway, tonight I’m brain-storming about it a bit.  Here’s one thought for a working title:

How to Date Jesus and See Other People Too.

What do you think?  This one would go out to all the homeschooling courtship folks out there (smile).

P.S. I’m trying out this audio thing on xanga.  Check out my audio page…


  1. i like the title – its definitely what ive been struggling with lately! lol. yeah sorry i didnt get to say hi at the covenant game….things are pretty good here. but ive decided you learn a lot in college. so i’m learning. you?


  2. i like it…that sounds good…i might  need a copy of it all when you’re done!!!…good luck!!!


  3. PennyDaisy says:

    My mind is reeling…you actally used the word ‘date.’ Gasp, horror, shock. :-ÞBlast, I have more to say, but I have to take my siblings to their martial arts graduation. I’ll be back. (And, yes, that’s a threat! Duh.)


  4. proskeno says:

    i think no unbeliever would ever read it with a title like that. i wouldn’t as a believer. i think the idea is good but the title isn’t very inviting and has a tinge of just…i don’t know the whole date Jesus thing is repulsive to me so i’m not a good person to ask. He should be in all and through all we are in.  I better stop. I’m feeling opinionated.


  5. GazingSoul says:

    I appreciate the idea and thought I liked the title, too, until I read proskeno’s comment… God forbid that we should merely date His Son, eh? Though that is what we often do, turning to Him when we wish but still accepting enticing invitations from others time and again–even though we know He is the only one worthy of our affection and attention.The analogy gets confusing I think because on the one hand we are already in a covenant relationship with God–Randy Pope talks of this “covenant” as the same as a marriage–that God has married His people… But then we also await the Bridegroom and the wedding feast. Is it common for you to choose a title before the book/story has been written? Maybe the title will flow out of what God shows you in the writing of the study.But regardless of all this, I wanna read it when you’re done. =)


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