8 thoughts on “A Confession

  1. you cad…TC Boyle has this short story called “I dated Jane Austin”..it is him as he is these days showing up to court Jane herself as she was in those days…you should check it out


  2. you do the weirdest things. 
    i slept at a pool party in a dungeon last night.  that’s what comes of playing two hours of multiplayer Dunsen Cheese (sorry, Dungeon Siege) with your sister and then going a party where half the people are in the pool and then trying the strawberry daiquiri.  (what the heck was a swimming pool doing in the mines anyway?)


  3. Hey there.  My hot shoes are a little much for my sore feet.  Luckily, some lower heels are coming in this week.  I’m really starting to get very comfortable with the dances though, which is exciting


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