I am so flippin’ tired…

                   …and the kiddoes ain’t even showed up yet.

See you all when I resurface sometime.


  1. nunosfriend says:

    Gaining a new respect for Brooke and the teen staff, are we? I know I did every time one of those events went on…


  2. oh, didn’t realize that you were there this week, I will be praying for you. yeah, camp, in all of it’s glory, nothing quite like it. Just to encourage you, at word of life, we would have 9 weeks of camp in a row, and the kids would come on saturday afternoon between 2 and 5 and leave the following saturday at 8 in the morning. 9 weeks just like this, back to back. everyone got one day off a week, and your day off started at 8am and ended at 8pm. It was crazy. oh, and we had 500+ campers almost every week.
    the weirdest thing is that I really really miss it sometimes. yeah, but that’s another story.
    praying for you, have fun my friend.


  3. but are you flippin’ flurpin’ tired yet?  heh heh  Good luck with that.  (j/k. I’m prayin for ya.)


  4. dewdroplets says:

    ooooh. I get it now! Good luck there, fair David!


  5. Anonymous says:

    I thought I saw you on campus! so I’m not going crazy….


  6. lizapierce says:

    actually, i am told that tall guys fit better in two door cars than they do 4 door cars.


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