For some reason, I feel the need to write this:

This is the way of things.  Yet God shall have His way.

I almost wished only to have that as the entry, but to do such would likely cause some curiosity about my meaning, so I should say that I don’t know the full meaning and perhaps this is not meant only for myself but for some reader.  And I trust it encourages.  He has more than strength for you!  He has justice and keeps full measure of every wicked thing.  He has grace and love to show you, Daughter or Son.  Run hard and find that He is there.


  1. tarra_randi says:

    Justice…God…love….thank you, David.  After this past week I needed to be reminded of that.


  2. PennyDaisy says:

    What if I had read your comment tomorrow? Then today would have been yesterday. And tomorrow would have been today.Today tomorrow brings~deciding on plans for the weekend~a trip to the library~a trip to the DPS to get my drivers license renewed~a trip to the county office to get new plates for my car I should not have been born in the same month that I got a car. I mean– oh, well.


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