And yes, I’m here at work.
And yes, I’m terribly terribly bored.
I have been killing time for the past few hours…and it’s been killing me in return.


  1. PennyDaisy says:

    Which might explain your last post. I think you’re right about Mr. Collins. He was a bit less horrid in the new version (have you seen the six-hour one?), though not really any more desirable. It was a very different kind of film all the way ’round. Even the new Elizabeth was not so much more of a thinker as she was just more sassy. Modern interpretations. *sigh* And several girls I know said it was the first time they actually believed that Mr. Darcy loved Lizzie when he said so, which to me was just a demonstration of how hooked on emotions our generation is.But there are some parts I liked better. At least Mr. Wickham was finally believable as a man all the girls might fall for. And Charlotte’s choice of marriage to Collins was better explained for an audience who might not understand how important it was for girls to marry well (or marry at all). (How glad I am that I’m not a burden to MY parents!)Okay, that’s all the comentary for now. You didn’t EXACTLY ask for it, but…The music…I heard someone describe it briefly as wrapping around the scenes. It certainly carried the emotions of the film rather well. I’m learning some of the piano pieces. Or I will as soon as I bother to do more than printing out the sample pages. (I don’t know why I hate spending money on digital sheet music when I know I’ll enjoy it so much.)Hmm…was that a long enough, and entertaining enough, comment for you? Unfortunately it took me longer to type it than it will for you to read it.


  2. oh wow. pennydaisy is my new favorite person. *grin* where did this delightful lovely come from and why must she live so far away???


  3. onetwenty7 says:

    hey david, i got a new xanga. this is my new one just for future references. peace.


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