Jesus Is Your Boyfriend?

Yeah, I really wasn’t at all serious about that title.  Sorry, folks.  I typically shudder when people talk about dating Jesus, as it seems far too noncommittal and merely sentimental to describe our relationship with Christ.  Sorry my humour wasn’t more apparent (smile).

And no, I don’t usually entitle something before I write it.  The other night, though, Brooke and I worked together to write out a brief summary which will go on the mailer for this study.  Here’s a piece of what we came up with:

You already do them.
Learn to do them right.

Whatever your experience has been, this relationship stuff is hard.  You have questions now, and you’ll have more questions later.  But God’s Word will always have everything you need to do relationships the right way.  At the Transform Student Conference, you will gain the study skills you need to search the Scriptures for the truth.  Not our answers.  Not your answers.  His answers.

God’s Word will always have everything you need to do relationships the right way.

I think my favourite part is the last few lines–the purpose of this study is to help young people learn how to approach God’s Word with whatever questions they may have, both now and in the future (won’t we always have questions?).  Instead of attending conference after conference at which they hope someone else will give them the answers they need, the hope is that they will learn to go straight to God first for the answers.

Still, we have a lot of writing to do…hopefully I can start into it tomorrow!  As for tonight, I’m going camping, so blessings on you guys!  If you catch a whiff of North Sea pipe tobacco on the wind, it’ll probably be me (smile).

P.S. A rough Australian western, this “Proposition,” but really solid film.


    david, this is the coolest thing ever. (well not like ever in the history of the universe, but musically speaking it’s up there) Go to the songs link, and there will be five choices after each song. Click on the first one, and just watch, seriously, this guy is the real deal. Here, he says, this is how you play my songs right. I love it.
    thank you for the cross is one of his songs that I never understood why is wasn’t sung more…I think it is such a great song, I am thinking about teaching it tomorrow…


  2. GazingSoul says:

    Love the summary. I should have known better about the “date Jesus” comment. =) I suppose that’s what happens when you haven’t been around someone in many years…I pray God blesses you greatly as you work through this endeavor–and that the final product may be a blessing to many others!


  3. *big sigh of relief*  I’m so glad you weren’t serious about that title!  That would’ve been gross!  I agree that there is much to be said about how to do a relationship right.  Good luck with this endeavor.  I also really want to read it when it’s done.


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