Sing, Sing a Song…

I’m playing around with how one embeds music on xanga, and I haven’t figured it out just yet.  Here’s the closest I’ve come:

Not My Self

when i think about you
wonder why
all i ever wanted
was to have you in my life
and then i cry

when i think about you
wonder when
all my tribulation will be coming ’round again
it’s sink or swim

and i used to take the blame–
it was my shame
but i am not my Self today
so find another heart to tear apart
’cause i am not my Self today

when i think about you
wonder how
with all the Newness in me
still you’re burying me now
you bring me down

but when i think about me
blown away
i see you start to shudder–
is there nothing left to say?
then go away, just go away

now i am a Lover
my heart is Another’s
now you belong to the past
Love knew you wouldn’t last…


p.s. This is a song written to my flesh, my sinfulness…


  1. thanks. after I read that another 5 times I think it will sink in, and I might finally be able to lie down and describe it properly too.  
    and welcome to the world of Lost. It’s an addiction. I highly recommend not getting addicted. this is me, every week after Lost, and you can ask the roomies…  “I HATE this show, and I am NEVER watching it again. IT’S stupid, and I hate it, I do. And where did the black fog come from, and what happened to Jack’s father (he wasn’t in the coffin when jack found it) and what about the NUMBERS!?!?!”
    and then next week, same time, (chosen by DVR, how nice) guess where you’ll find me. It’s rather sad. So I recommend not being an addict. It’s painful and unbecoming. the end.


  2. nunosfriend says:

    embeds music?What?


  3. I had no problem hearing them!  Very cool!


  4. fillmewithU says:

    congratulations – congradulations….another one of those words that hoards of people spell wrong! the other thing that I have noticed is some people can spell correctly, but not pronounce correctly…example: I have a friend who can spell similar, but she says simular????? what’s with that?


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