Thursday Night Custom…

Will Toby ask Pam out on a date without funbling over the words?
Will Dwight maintain his allegiance to the poor, dopey Michael?
Will the unknown girl from the Stamford office grow more and more interested in our pal Jim–despite Janet Brock’s constant consternation and whimpers of belligerence that Jim is meant for Pam?
And will Ryan the Temp talk?

These mysteries and others may be revealed…in tonight’s episode of “The Office.”  And where might we watch it?  Let’s chat, shall we?

7 thoughts on “Thursday Night Custom…

  1. You know, I used to think that Chris Thile was as tall as you because he looks gargantuan next to Sean and Sarah, but alas, they are just midgets and he is shorter than I. (abstract thought for you) btw “shorter than me” sounds so much better.


  2. Would you believe that I forgot about the Office?  I was so excited about the Romania picture party that I forgot.  So it looks like we will just have to invade Janet’s place again on Sunday maybe, I will have to check with her. 
    Have a great weekend!   : )


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