Mmmmm, chili…

Who’s making Jess’ Texas Chili?

I am, I am!

Who wants to come over this evening to share in the bounty?

You do, you do!

Oh, and, of course, “The Office.”  So do come.  Perhaps 6:30ish or 7?


  1. tdoubleu says:

    would if i didn’t have to drive a several hundred miles to get there


  2. PennyDaisy says:

    hmm….and I’m wondering if ya’ll really know what Texas chili is. I suppose it’s possible you got the recipe from a Texan. *impish grin*God bless you today, friend?


  3. oh my gosh. Sorry, but oh my gosh. I have never watched the office, always at work, but tonight, hanging with the fam in ohio, yeah. wow. okay, I don’t know if tonight’s episode was, um, completely politically incorrect, or if I should have liked it at all, but I laughed, like, so hard, and with my sister, same sense of humor, seriously, on the floor.
    I just didn’t know what I was missing. seriously.
    hope the chili was good.


  4. devonvk says:

    So lame that the Office was a rerun…that was the best episode this season…..YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. OhiOlivia says:

    Wow. I read that “Jesus’ Texas Chili”…and definitely didn’t want to miss out on that piece of communion.


  6. I was disappointed in the rerun, too. For shame on NBC. And honestly, I think the funniest one thus far this season was “Grief Counseling,” in which Michael’s old boss dies. Not all episodes are good or even very funny, but the Grief one surely was (smile).


  7. PennyDaisy says:

    Yeah, that counts. Your sister lived here? What part of Texas? This is perfect weather for chili. And chili makes a great leftover.I can’t remember if I ever heard about your family before…how many siblings do you have?


  8. lizapierce says:

    i haven’t seen any of this season of The Office yet, but i am rewatching season 2. it doesn’t matter that i’ve seen all of them, they still make me laugh outloud. i love this show!


  9. I hate that I missed it.  😦


  10. OhiOlivia says:

    Well, that was rude.
    Thanks. I’ll consider you another “yes” vote in support of the resolution.


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