(In my dream tonight, we had traveled long through many rooms and spaces, running from a vicious Enemy who had several times attacked us.   At times I had fought the wicked one, and at times simply run on, thinking, Now I know how Frodo must have felt.  I was very small and weak compared with the loathsome Thing which hounded us, but thankfully I was accompanied by a tall and mighty Guide and Friend.  At last in our journey we came upon a great torrential river…the river looked like enormous sheets of hard paper torn and jagged, as if the water itself were coars enough to cut a man to pieces and carry him far away in death to the Shadowy lands…yet there was nowhere else to go but forward…)

Standing beside the great rushing river in which many souls, I knew, had been lost, and with the great and evil Enemy close behind us, I stood now petrified with fear.  How long I stood transfixed by the fierce water before us, I cannot say, but my Friend broke the silence.

“Simple one,” said my Companion, “do you not know that it was I Who carried Abraham and your fathers through the Great River to safety beyond?”

His words were meant to give me courage and faith.  I looked up at Him, then looked again at the raging torrent.  Still fearful but trying to make a show of bravery, I gasped to Him in a small voice, “I go with You. Where is Your boat?”

He smiled that smile which is only His. 

“Boat?” He asked.

(And I awoke.)


  1. now that’s some sweet action…


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