I still really love this song…I was talking (sort of) with a friend recently about how we need all three Persons of the Trinity, and I just remembered this song from years past which spoke of all Three. The Triune God, at work within us!

You in the mirror, starin’ back at me–
Oh, conscience let me be…
To the pure, all things are pure,
To those who’re defiled, unbelieving,
Nothing is pure!
Their minds, their conscience defiled–
They profess to know God
But deceive Him by deeds all the while…

Where do I stand–
On the Rock or in the Sand?
Oh Holy Spirit,
Won’t You help me understand?

Holy Spirit, won’t You say a prayer for me
With your groanings?
My mind, my conscience defiled–
Send the blood of the Lamb, don’t leave me in exile!

What was that promise on the cross at Calvary?
Confess the Lord
And the truth shall set you free!

Create in me a clean heart, O God–
Renew a steadfast spirit within me!
To my prayers
You’ve always given heed!

Blessed be the God
Who never turned away from me!
He hid his face from all my sin, and forgot–
Forgot my iniquity!

Go on and raise your hands, sing praises to the Lord!
He is the King and He’ll reign forevermore!
He died on the cross at Calvary!
He died to save a wretch like me!


  1. PennyDaisy says:

    That is one of my favorite songs. (and a favorite to sing, too…has great harmony potential) Some good reminders. Thanks for sharing.How was your Christmas?


  2. I love her music and I love this CD. 🙂


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