Hopefully Speaking

I hope you all like the new colours.
I hope Matty Neidich somehwo stumbles across this entry and discovers that I am at last listening to that same Sufjan Stevens he told me about so long ago.
I hope that the Colts keep winning even if Manning isn’t carrying them all the way as he used to.
I hope I get used to the Vitamin B tablets I’ve started taking for my trip to Bogota this week–because they smell terrible on the breath, I have to admit.
I hope my roommate finds that activity ot occupation which truly brings him joy as he uses his talents in service to the Lord.
I hope this weekend passes well, with peace.
I hope that it’s sunny tomorrow.
I hope my friends have fun in Ethiopia, and are held safe in the hands of the Almighty.
I hope it is enough to hope.


  1. awwww… matty the cowboy. miss that kid.i’m diggin the new colors and snapsnapsnaps and groovy, daddios…and now i wanna play…i hope that the marriage i witnessed to day will grow strong.i hope that meleah was blessed tonight.i hope that you like cookies… and rubber duckies… yeah.i hope that i can get some more deer park water soon.i hope that we don’t run out of ribs tomorrow.i hope that you have a wonderful trip and that you are blessed by your work.i hope my mom gets home soon so i can go to sleep.i hope that i can really start working on the whole buff hot rockstar thing.i hope, like you, that it is sunny tomorrow.aaaaaaaand i really really really hope that we can have a rain check on that movie night!!! i’ve missed watching mst3K with you guys. good times. good. freaking. times. *smile*


  2. PennyDaisy says:

    Now that the defense has stepped it up, they might just have a shot. Manning deserves a chance at playing in the Super Bowl. And bless the Saints for stomping out the Eagles!Vit. B can also give you a rash if you get a lot of it. I guess it’s like an allergy–some people react worse than others. You know, for some people it helps keep away mosquitos. That’s something we take very seriously where I come from. *smiles* What are you going to Bogota for?


  3. nunosfriend says:

    the new colors…piquant, yet subdued


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