Tiny Friend or Foe

Well, I could share much…but for right now, all I’ll mention is that we made a new friend in Colombia.  He came back with us, and probably liked the airline food better than we did (no offense, Delta).  He’s one of those guests who overstays his welcome, sadly, and is always with you like a shadow on your day.  Still, we  try to be hospitable.  His name is Phil, and here is his photo, so you can be sure to give him a big smile of welcome if you should happen to run into him. 

p.s. Ten bonus points to whoever can name Phil by his scientific terms.

p.p.s. I’ve come to realise that my enjoyment of Sufjan Stevens’ quirky music began years ago, thanks to my friend Mattyaction.  We both embarked upon a curious journey into experimental music by means of a little album called “Tri-Danielson,” and now I come to learn that Sufjan and Daniel Smith are musical friends and collaborators.  And so it comes full circle.

p.p.p.s. Is anyone putting together a little Super Bowl party next weekend?


  1. uh, can i still get the bonus points if i answer after I finish this micriobiology course? so sorry though, that sounds prety miserable…


  2. Lutc125 says:

    hmmm, my guess is some kind of parasitic worm??


  3. Mattyaction says:

    Miss those times. And the music. No one else really gets it.
    Dealing with round two of the sickness from hell. Took a few weeks off before rearing its ugly head again.
    Saw your message the other day a second too late. Was thinking about heading down your way Friday or Saturday. Maybe you’ll be around?
    Been writing in fragments lately.


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