Chariots of Fire…

What the world needs now is a muscular Christian.

With Falwell’s passing, I am especially aware that those Christian leaders we have long known will not soon be with us but will move along. And while I have many times been disappointed or frustrated by some of these leaders, I think instead of the importance for new men to rise as leaders among men, filled with the Holy Spirit and faith, unswerving and called by God. May these leaders, I pray, be strong and very courageous, turning neither to the right nor the left, nor to mere politics nor vain philosophy; but may they walk in the deeps of love and the within the torrent of faith, captured with the truth. May they give all things, all pleasures and notoriety, in sacrifice to that great aim–the salvation of souls from the wrath of God in which they now stand. May they see heaven as their bright treasure and hope, and may they see hell (just as clearly) as destruction and a grief from which men must be turned–how blessed is the man who stands in the way of those being led to destruction! And may these men be humble and care not for the things of this world–O God, keep them from the temptation of women, wealth, and the worship of created things! Only may they be strong and very courageous, a Joshua in these times…

What the world needs now is a muscular Christian.


  1. aleysh says:

    yes to this post. absolutely yes.


  2. (deep nods in agreement) 🙂


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