Meditation on Joshua, Chapters Nine and Ten

stones cast from heaven–
   the sun stands still–
vict’ry given–
   the hope, the thrill!
God in His temple–
   all nations bow–
worship or terror
   is all we know now.
never before
   and never again
has God heard the voice
   of a faithful man
and done such a work,
   a marvelous thing,
to shatter His enemies
   and splinter Death’s sting!
where are you, Hebron?
   Jarmuth, Lachish, where?
can caves which the LORD made
   shelter you there?
who but His people
   may dwell in His land?
who but His children
   may stand firm, may stand?
covenants entered,
   covenants kept–
not to destroy men
   and rather, protect–
covenants made
   not to men but to God
and honoured by Him
   who made New in His blood!
God is a covenant-
   God from on high–
So press on, His people–
   His promises are nigh!

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