Ministry Dating

A conversation with a friend tonight reminded me of an old song of mine–Christie the Ministry-Dater.  Mattyaction, you were the inspiration for this little handiwork which I threw together to sing for the youth group in Atlanta.  Shout out to Lilburn Alliance kiddoes (smile).  Here are the lyrics…

I met a boy the other day–he said he wasn’t a Christian
But by the time we were holding hands, I knew my spiritual mission
‘Cause from the way that he looked in his Jimmy-Dean jeans
I knew that God really wanted me to show what love really means…

‘Cause I’m Christie the ministry-dater!
I share Jesus on Saturday night
With the boys who say they’ve never seen Him
But who say I’m really out of sight
Well, it’s a sacrifice–you believe it!
But it’s a spiritual gift, it’s true–
‘Cause I know Jesus wants all the cute boys, too!

Well, the Lord has truly blessed my weekend ministry
I’m up to fourteen boys this year alone, and it’s only early spring!
Now you may wonder how I can guard my heart…
Well, the heart is easy ’cause I just set my lips apart…

Sometimes making the most of every opportunity is hard…
So I always say a quick prayer of thanks as he slowly parks the car!


  1. nunosfriend says:

    Steve Taylor had better watch out!


  2. it’s probably one of my top ten favorite songs of all time. Before I, uh, lost your CD it was the one I made all my friends listen to. They loved it too. the end.


  3. Mattyaction says:

    Ha! I’d forgotten about that one. Reminds me of playing at Red, White and Brew. We had something special Dav…Why don’t we get the band back together?


  4. Anonymous says:

    What a classic. I still have my copy of your CD. Bluenote, Arch, and all…


  5. Ah, the Red White and Brew recording! Wow, my voice surely cracked beautifully on the second chorus of this song there. It was… endearing. I hope.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Are there other recordings? If so, please send. I can give you the address plus money for shipping.


  7. hey, you should post that on here. I think the girls would benefit greatly from hearing it. : )


  8. tarra_randi says:

    Aw, those were the days.


  9. sojourning says:

    Good stuff. We girls (or some of us) tend to do this without actually dating, too–you know, that special friends thing. Naive and prideful–what a rotten combination!


  10. nunosfriend says:

    I hadn’t read your comment when I called and left you a message…I think Tuesday is fine, but I don’t get off until 7. I may holler at you one day this week.


  11. just wanted to say hi, been wondering how you were, hope that all is well.


  12. hah! i love seeing all the lyrics in their full glory 🙂


  13. nunosfriend says:

    I think 8 is fine but we’ve been getting out later and later…there have been a rash of emergencies that actually had whatever happen to the animal three days before that just suddenly have to be seen at 6:45…not sure if this is a trend or what.


  14. nunosfriend says:

    by the way, I just read on your site, and I quote “thegreatknock has no pulse”…you should probably get that checked out or something…


  15. hound_dog28 says:

    Ha! You know… some buddies and I were just joking about ministry dating the other night and this song is the first thing I thought of.
    How funny that I finally come back to this blog after so many months and find that very song residing as your last post.
    Hope all is well!


  16. fillmewithU says:



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