An old college friend of mine updated the blogosphere today about how she is joining a group of people in her town to start a “new church” of “ordinary people committed to living out the Mission of God in community and for the community.”

First, I have to wonder at the term “new church.”  I’ll leave it simply in quotation marks, and let you ponder the significance (and possible error) of this phrase.

But then I began to comtemplate the nature of community.  I must confess that I have not the sweet feelings toward this term “community” which so many seem to hold.  Community can be as corrupt as its individual members.  Community can be dishonest, just as any man can deceive himself.  Community can be less than a warm, fuzzy place.  Community can be more than a hard, rough-edged place.  Community can lack authority, lack accountability, lack merit.  Most of all, community is not a magic word.

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