Zp7 Proverbs

Reject typicality.

The world has not yet seen all that you are capable of.  Humbly inform them.  Be no more a mystery.

Do everything with as much excellence as you can muster.

Invest your time and energy in those activities or bits of knowledge which are reproductive – that is, which you can pass along to others.  Be a consumer-reproducer.

Feel passion for many things.  Do no stifle any pure ones.

Be unreasonable about your passions; divine gifts and purposes are not often reasonable.

Enjoy the sharp, sporadic memories as if they were a momentary Now – the smells, the songs which carry you Elsewhere.  Memory is its own Continent.

Allow your passions to carry you into difficult and hard labours; they will surely carry you through them as well.  Difficult work fuels a passion.  Learn this by practise.

Do not be satisfied by lectures, sermons, commentaries, critical essays, or translations – these are all veils between you and the Source.  Know them, but do not be satisfied by them.

Make excuses out of everyday situations, meetings, or happenings for learning something new.

You do not need to master all areas of knowledge, but you must master the most important ones.  A God-driven passion will show you which these are.

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