Last night, as Brooke visited rooms to check on the girls at Boot Camp, I spent a little while worshiping out in the darkened field.  It was a lovely time to raise hands and spin around and just place my whole self beneath my Maker.  I opened up the Word to Psalm 107, and was so encouraged by it – just seeing the different people whom God delivers throughout the Psalm.  I think we all can identify with the people we see there – the wilderness wandering, the darkness dwellers, the rebellious fools, the works watchers.  Have we not been all of these at some point or another?  But the beauty of the psalm is in how God delivers them each, in His own way.

I think of times when my soul has felt like one wandering in the wilderness, hungry and thirsty.  Indeed, even this afternoon I have felt so!  So too I have felt as one down in the depth of darkness, the shadow of death, like a prisoner, unable to break the chains of wickedness which seem always to plague me.  I have even been a fool, rebellious in my way, and afflicted.  But what do all of these do in their trouble?  They cry out to the Lord, and He delivers them out of their distresses!  How beautiful!  And then each is given what they truly need from Him – 

The wandering soul finds God’s guidance, and He leads the lonely one to His people, into His family, and satisfies the hunger and thirst!

The dark-dweller is brought out into the light, and the chains are utterly broken; the gates of bronze are shattered, the iron bars cut asunder!

The fool is healed by God’s Word, and delivered from destructions so that he might give thanks to the Lord!

And in all of these they are to give thanks for His lovingkindness and for His wonders among men.  Such a wonderful encouragement to read and place one’s hope in, that God should deliver you as you cry out to Him.  Do not hesitate today to call out to Him in your distress, O soul; and believe His arm will flex on your behalf!

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