So the clock reads.  Intention to write brought me to my desk perhaps two hours ago, and yet I have written nothing until the few words just now.  Instead I have been following various rabbit trails from the Rabbit Room to linguistics texts, bank accounts and musical recordings.  Ah, the trouble of a hungry mind.

I’m listening to Death Cab’s “Transatlanticism,” an album I’ve only discovered in the past few weeks.  I rather like it.  

But nevermind this.  I realised tonight while driving that I might do well to invent themes each week which govern the week’s blog topics.  Then I do not feel quite so hit-or-miss, awaiting inspiration and then feeling that a subject was only lightly touched upon here.  If something is worthy of meditation as well as accompanying expression to all the digital world, I should think a single blog entry too brief.  Additionally, it challenges me to write and think extensively on a single topic.  

And so, this week’s topic is language.  Now let’s see if I actually do this.

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