Let’s Pretend

There is something so beautiful about the word “pretend.”  It carries its own richness with it, and no small bit of irony – it ends with “end,” when there is no end to pretending.  A thing made-up may go on forever.  It is as if the entire world is awash in snow, with familiar shapes now covered, hidden by a clean white canvas.  Anything may be seen or done or written or walked upon, for as long as one may please.  Yes, pretending may grow tiresome or dull, it may cross over its own footprints in the snow or retrace the same silly thought five times or more, but eventually its steps will pass again into unblemished snowbanks and chart new trails over the unseen ordinary, and will not rest until the pretender says so.  Tiresome?  At times.  Tireless?  Certainly so.

How is it that we can invent within our minds things which are not so?  To pretend is to create a sort of honest lie, a fun or clever unreality, and we do it so easily – but how?  I think this week I will consider “pretend” for my theme…   

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