Take All or Mis-Take All

There is another way to describe the idea that I addressed yesterday. I wrote about what matters most to God, stating that the communication of Himself, His full nature and character, is of greater importance than simply communicating His love for mankind, because we cannot comprehend His love apart from the whole reality of Himself.

This points toward a wider reality: you cannot know a piece of Christ. He is whole, or else you mistake Him. What I mean is that you cannot know Christ only in parts, knowing only His love or His patience or His peace by itself, to the exclusion of the other less mild elements of His character such as His righteous judgment or His fierceness toward sin or His rage against corruption. We use words to distinguish facets of a person, but these facets are lost if divided from the whole. You cannot know the patience of Christ without knowing also His rage, or know His peace without also His zeal. The truth of one gives hue to the other.

So then let us take Christ wholly as He is. He is Christ, pure and full.

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