You All Know the Ending

This is a song I wrote sitting in ye olde dorm room at Bryan
College.  The guitar portion came first, and I sang my mind to
it.  I’m to play it for a friend’s school project sometime soon, but
strangely I find it matches my heart at the moment…do old feelings
really revisit us?

you all know the ending

you all know where this began

so why are you just


in the middle

wondering where I Am?

you don’t know you’re running

you just know you’re running fast

but when will you stop


all the little

Daydreams of your past?

for only I know the plans that I have for you

your vision comes clear when seen through the Rood

but you fall away

as you turn



your own ways

when will you look and see I Am good?

you know all the answers

but your words are all too small

so when will you stop


and just listen

hear My whispered call

all of the expectations you’ve made for things

trade for assurance I gave in My blood

there’s freedom for feet to dance

when the day



and lonely

when will you live knowing I Am good?

you all know the ending

you all know where this began

so why are you just


in the middle

wondering where I Am?


  1. GazingSoul says:

    no, i don’t recall hearing about your marine biology aspirations. =) say, my cousin chris–one of the thailand crew–is starting at bryan in the fall! so i suspect i shall be visiting your alma mater for the first time this year.


  2. Anonymous says:

    love it!  wish i could write that well.


  3. thanks david, I needed that. 


  4. ps I must confess that I had to google rood. I feel smarter now.


  5. dwan_59 says:

    wow….  very good david…  maybe you can get erik to let us sing at singles   


  6. I like it.  I would like to hear the melody that goes with it, though.  And, yes, I think old feelings do revisit us.


  7. Anonymous says:

    I love that song!  I need to bust out that CD again sometime soon, even though past listens have made me nostalgic.


  8. PennyDaisy says:

    There are not words… If the music behind it is as good as the lyrics…


  9. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the comment…it was very intriguing.  i seriously sat there for like 10 minutes trying to figure out the answers!  haha


  10. crazy4u_630 says:

    Wow, that was incredibly beautiful…I always enjoy checking your site to see what new and beautiful literary work is gracing your page with its presence.  You’re an extremely talented writer. Laura


  11. aleysh says:

    i think old feelings definitely do revisit us. especially with music.
    i’d love to hear this. the questions in the song are often in my mind as well. our God is so beautiful and mysterious – it’s easy to allow His mystery to make Him invisible. i think people all too often close their eyes to beauty: we drive to and from work without noticing or appreciating the landscape; walk to and from our cars without looking at the violets that have sprouted by the doorstep; or speak to a child without seeing the innocent little light that shines out from his eyes… and its just that easy to make Him invisible to us as well. sad. its not Him that strays, its us. and then we cry out for Him.
    and you are right – i was an english major, with emphasis in creative writing  : )


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