The Song in My Head, My Ears and My Lungs

There’s darkness in my skin
My cover’s wearing thin
I believe
I’d love to start again
Go back to Innocent
And never leave

Don’t give up now
A break in the clouds
We could be found

There’s nothing wrong with me
It’s just that I believe things could get better
And there’s nothing wrong with Love
I think it’s just enough
To believe

Don’t give up now
A break in the clouds
We could be found

Rescue is coming!

And there’s nothing wrong with you
And nothing left to do
But believe something bigger
And there’s nothing wrong with Love
I know it’s just enough
To believe

Don’t give up now
Break in the clouds
We will be found

Rescue is coming!  …coming now!

This evening I feel desperate for rescue.  Not the simple rescue from circumstance, nor that from the flesh (though heaven knows I am ever in need of that!), but the rescue in which I shall lift my eyes and see my Redeemer come.  No lesser glory than Him of lightning eyes will do. 

Ah, come, O mighty King, come in strength and power upon your warhorse, come!  Burn the night sky away, roll it up like a scroll stabbed through by the sword from Your mouth–for what is the sky but a Word You spoke long ago and sang that it should echo and resound again for numbered millennia?  And what again am I but a man whose whole being is to be satisfied in You?  No weaker delight than Your presence will please. 

O my soul, I will be filled with love and delight for the Lord, so that the sweetest of all honeys is loathsome to me!  Bitter is any other pleasure tonight; You are my pleasure, Jesus, supreme in valor and confidence and wisdom and power and patience and meekness and generosity and love and freedom and happiness and strength and joy and laughter and ferocity and wrath and life and authority and bravery and knowledge and sovereignty and touch and song and worship and goodness and peace and silence…

Supreme in silence, perfect in silence.

O my soul, be silent before Your Maker, Master, Friend, Husband, Teacher…


  1. isa1 says:

    Amen bro bro! Amen!


  2. JennEd says:

    ha! i just saw your post on my journal. i’d wondered why you hadn’t sent a response to my email…


  3. amylynn60 says:

    Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.


  4. E’en so, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come!  Sweet post.  You never cease to inspire me.


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