Love of Loves

Today, as I think on the great love of God for all people, and then think further of His covenant-love, His deep special love for us, His Bride, His Beloved…I am, like the Beloved of Solomon’s Song, eager that He should come back for me.  I am zealous for Him to appear.  I run about and am seen by the watchmen, I am bruised by their laughter and blows as they mock me in my earnest love, but what do I care for their wicked talk?  For God has chosen Himself a wife, and by His promise we are that beloved of God!  Behold the love of God–not the simple love He extends to all men, but the special love a man would give his wife!  O, behold, how great the love He has lavished upon you…

Jeremiah 32:40-41…Hosea 2:16,19-20…Romans 8…


  1. those verses in Hosea have been a constant for me this week, and I love near the beginning of the chapter, where He says that He will block our way and hedge us in until all that we ultimately want is Him. So painful sometimes, but…that’s the way it has to be for me, so stubborn am I, and running after all my little (and big) Baals…so glad that He knows better and throws up a wall to stop me, as much as it hurts every single time I run into it, which lately has been a lot. : (


  2. aleysh says:

    hey. its me again. as you can tell, i’m not so very much of a regular xangaer (i don’t have the internet). but i check when i can. ; )
    i like your posts. good food for thought. the pastor at my church spoke on the above subject this past sunday – the message twisted in my mind and has been stewing there ever since. how painful to want Him, to want to love and serve Him (dare i even say “delight” Him?), as a wife does for her husband, and fail so often and utterly (i cannot imagine a more terrible fate for a wife). idols are set up, not always golden statues, and its too easy not to see them. “we are always controlled by our greatest desires,” i’ve heard said. true. ours should always be for Him. to Him all love and glory. and everything else is death. then one sees the mocker in quite a pitiable (though condemnable) spot indeed. be encouraged David, in your walk. your treasure is elsewhere. : )
    i am not going to school now… sometimes i toy with the idea of going back, but i don’t think i will. i considered getting a phd in literature and teaching at a university, but i don’t think my heart is in that path. and yet, i guess i could still be directed toward it, so i probably shouldn’t speak to soon. as of now: i am working at a coffee shop, living with a most beloved sister, growing and learning (hopefully) all i can in the ways that ‘matter’, writing a little… seeing what will happen next. trying to keep my eyes open and look where i should. what about you?  


  3. PennyDaisy says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we only had to pay on what we spent and not on what we earned? Disolve the IRS and raise the sales tax!!! *grin* I know tax laws were written to benefit business owners (hey, isn’t capitalism what this country is all about?), but in a way it was nice to have the taxes already taken out for me before. At least I knew I got to keep what was typed on the check. Now…whew! My first year “self-employed” I got a rude awakening. Fortunately this year, I didn’t make enough to have to pay anything. Ha! Take that Uncle Sam. Except. Wait…:-Þ


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