Nickel Creek?

So…who’s game for hitting the Nickel Creek show on April 27th at church…er, the Memorial Auditorium…?  Sadly, I haven’t seen them live yet, so it’s a must for me, but I’d be glad for company (smile).


  1. lizapierce says:

    i’m going with four other girls from church. maybe i’ll see you there!


  2. nunosfriend says:

    Whilst I am always up for live music, choosing it over CD by a 5 to 1 margin, alas funding is short at this time so I will be bowing out on this one. I will say that in my past experience, live bluegrass is quite a bit more energetic and “electric” in atmosphere than it’s recorded counterpart, so enjoy
    5 out of 6 dentists surveyed like torturing people taller than them…sorry…they also chew Trident while doing it


  3. 🙂 i’m also going to see them–but on monday, and at U of Illinois in urbana. how are ya?


  4. *raises hand* me! me! me!
    i haven’t seen nc either, so i totally wanna make this. maybe pick up a couple sean watkins cds at the show?heck yeah.


  5. Anonymous says:

    got my tickets last week! this will be my 3rd and counting…


  6. aleysh says:

    oh, i do LOVE nickle creek! but i don’t live anywhere near chattanooga, so thats a show i won’t be able to make. sad. i’m sure it will be great, though, and it looks like there are more than a few people going, so thats good. : )
    i am really glad that you do the work that you do. its much needed and very brave, especially in today’s world. kids are an extremely important audience too, i believe, and i’m glad to hear that a believer is helping direct paths which are so very much in need of direction. my mom does pro-life work, and there is a tough battle out there, i know. if you don’t mind my asking, how is your messsage recieved (as far as you can tell) by the kids?  


  7. I’d love too!!!! wait… is that a Thursday?


  8. bluevern says:

    how much I wish! hope you’re doing well.


  9. Ritter…can i come?…i’ll be happy to go with you!!!!


  10. Mattyaction says:

    I would love to go to the concert Dav…but I’m trying to decide. It’s the last night my seniors will be in the house before they leave for senior trip. And I’m sure Nickel Creek will be back to Chatty again…just trying to decide. When will you be buying tickets?
    Sorry I didn’t call about Pichotta. It’s been a busy last month or so. Definitely not the way to start the first month of 28.


  11. Mattyaction says:

    Alright, Dav. I’m in and so is Kati. Are you buying tickets?


  12. Sure will. I’ll try to go down tomorrow sometime to get them.


  13. (grin) This is bound to be even better than Skamania. “Behind de gas station–I leeve dare.”


  14. Mattyaction says:

    A different concert…definitely a different period of life.


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