A Note Before I Go…

I felt the need to share this piece of humble, brotherly encouragement before my little xanga hiatus. 

There are three female voices which have the strange but sweet effect on me for their beauty, purity, strength, and marvelous sense of command.  They command the air and tremble it in such ways, I cannot understand it.  It’s almost like one’s soul is given a voice in theirs (does that make sense?).  I am simply moved; I could listen to these three sing anything again and again.

The other two voices are that of Fleming from the old Fleming and John days, and Leigh Nash from Sixpence None the Richer.

Your songs are lovely, Claire (smile).  Thanks for the cd.  Za pravdu.


  1. AubreeK says:

    so, are you not writing because xanga is becoming too much like myspace (like you mentioned before)? Or is this some other related reason?


  2. Mattyaction says:

    So will “this site’s manager” be “temporarily out of service” a week from tonight?


  3. proskeno says:

    that cd is rad.


  4. proskeno says:

    she has a gift that needs to be exposed to the body of Christ. the lyrics…are amazing.


  5. … and then some of us have voices that make you want to disown us and not associate with in public. hooooooooome, home on th’ raaaaaaaannnnge!!!  *grin*
    i wanna hear this rad cd of our gifted gal… *goes to pester claire*


  6. amylynn60 says:

    You’re going on hiatus?  😦   (What am I complaining about? I did the same thing!)  I will just miss receiving your updates every day.  God bless you, brother!  🙂


  7. I wanna hear Claire’s cd!!


  8. PennyDaisy says:

    YES, PLEASE!!! I’ll try to email you our address.Okay, this is weird. I just bawled my eyes out over “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and my dad was so emotional wrung that he wanted to watch The Dirty Dozen. (It’s a joke from “Sleepless in Seattle.”) So they put in “The Two Towers” and are watching the battle scene. So that’s what I’m hearing on the other side of our study doors. And I’m still reeling from the first movie. But this music is really cool. And now I’m just babbling. I’ve been tired since I got up this morning, so things are really getting interesting now… *dazed smile*


  9. nataliek28 says:

    I am going back to Inida.


  10. Mattyaction says:

    Dinner would be nice if I can fit it in. I’ve got to keep the house in line, likely go to the district tournament at the high school that evening and take pictures at a softball tourney too, but I definitely want to get to the rodeo and get some killer photos. I’ll have my people call your people.


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