The Weblog Transfer

Where to begin…

I’m wondering what I should do with this blog. I began a blog about eighteen months ago on a rival site (, encouraged others to join, and by now have quite a happy little colony of friends floating together there. But I have become less enamoured with the xanga tendency toward provocative pics in their banner ads, and rather prefer the simplistic forms here at blogspot. But this leaves me with a number of dilemmas:

1. Do I try to juggle two blogs at once? This seems audacious and overkill, to say the least.

2. Suppose I remove to this blog permanently. Should I then try to lure friends away from xanga to join me here? I know, I know–if I really love them, I’ll let them go, set them free…and if the love is real, they’ll fly to my Blogger side, right? Not that there is much benefit to bringing them here. Thus far, I haven’t discovered a way to create blogrings on this site, which would be rather helpful and communal in (one would hope) a positive way. Also, this site requires more ingenuity to manage, as one must dig into the lines of code oneself to make changes (xanga is far easier), and I fear most of my friends are almost as computer-inept as I. So.

3. If I try to maintain both, will I simply copy entries from one site to the other? Again, I cannot believe my words are so important to the world…and that sounds tedious for a guy like me. Even now, I can think back to some lovely entries on the other site and a happy sigh escapes me. I do so love to write…

Okay, it’s settled, then. I’m going to add slowly and quietly to this blog and still keep the old one for the sake of my constant companions there. We’ll see what ending comes of this…


  1. Laurie says:

    i’m glad you changed to blogspot! like you mentioned, it’s a little hard on the computer-inept (like me) to do anything new or original with your blog, and as far as i know you can’t do blogrings. but it has a great advantage in that you don’t have to be a member to read things or comment. also, i could never access your xanga account (probably due to the fact that the internet filters here are picking up on the banner ads you mentioned). anyway, i’ll be reading.


  2. kristen says:

    peek-a-boo; i found you too. through laurie, of course. i too have struggled with the “do i keep two blogs?” question since i used myspace and then got into blogger–largely for the same reasons as yourself. i remain a member of myspace and check it a few times a week to keep up with people there but i leave my blogging for blogger. not everyone has come to my blogspot to read and i have a few thoughts on why but, ultimately, it is beyond my control and i like blogger better. just so you have my two cents. 🙂


  3. Broadstone says:

    Move the whole blog over here. Two benefits, (1)you’ll have reems(?) of archives from and (2)you’ll escape the Xanga trap of which I’ve commented on before..,”Why I left Xanga and think you should too.” The only reason for me is that I don’t go to xanga anymore but still like to read your…Grace and Peace,kelly b


  4. Broadstone says:

    One thing though, is you ought to get rid of the “anonymous” option, sometimes people feel an excuse to blather without possibility of recourse…unless of course you simply remove their comments, but that would take to much effort.


  5. Anonymous says:

    what?!!! who wants to read your silly blogger site?


  6. Rich Smith says:

    Ever thought of having a “group” blog? One blog – several authors? Sort of like the blog I did for the yemen team? Was thinking about proposing that kind of thing to Erik but want to see if there would be any interest. A Calvary Singles Blog. What do ya think?


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