At Long Last…

Today, at long last, I presented my new curriculum to the educators and staff at WhyKnow. Well, I presented most of it, anyway–I discovered while browsing through the printed pages that there were plenty of gaps and missing references mixed in, which I distinctly or fuzzily remember promising myself I would “eventually get to.” Probably those all-nighters spent on it recently. Still, the work as a whole is looking pretty sharp, and now I get to turn my attention from composing text and activities, toward some of the practicals: fonts, graphics, etc. This should be fun. As to the intended font, I’m thinking Perpetua 13.

It suddenly strikes me as odd, this expression I have just used: “at long last.” Such a strange collection of terms is this–“at” gives the sense of arriving, which I certainly have (almost) done with this project, “long” describes duration (or so I’d assume…physical length doesn’t make much sense here)…but “last”? How does this apply? Did I manage to “last” or survive this long experience? Or does it imply finality?

Gosh, I sound boring (grin). It has been awhile since I let my imagination loose with creative writing, since this project has gobbled up most of my creativity in recent months, so I apologise for being so dry. In time, in time. It’s a pity, though, that I can’t scratch something fun out just now, for I have been reading Chesterton’s Orthodoxy lately and thinking much about faerie tales and the grace of imagination…

Again, give me a few weeks and perhaps I’ll be my clever self again (smile).


  1. Broadstone says:

    an anonymous comment can easily be stricken by signing into your blogger site which will take you to the “dashboard”; then click on “change settings” which will take you to “settings” tab. The subtab will already be on “basic”. look to the right of this for “comments”. The “who can comment bar will give you options. Click on the “only registered users”. This will alleviate most unwanted comments unless someone creates a bogus blog just to ruin your day…seldom happens though, unless you are controversial and say things people don’t like…or sound boring:)


  2. kristen says:

    what is this cirriculum of which you speak? why do you get to write it? if you don’t feel like blogging it, feel free to let me know in an email for i am curious. i love that book, just so you know. it is one of the rare ones that, when i finished reading it, i thought to myself “i can’t wait to read this again in a few years; i wonder what will strike me about it then.” its about time i pick it back up actually . . .


  3. since i am not permitted to comment on your blog (and yes, i do take that personally), i’ll leave a note here and hope you come across it (smile). the curriculum of which i write is the curriculum our abstinence program uses. i was commissioned back in autumn to begin revising and rewriting it, and have now almost finished. the old curriculum included lessons for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade–the new includes lessons specific for high school. it’s somewhat exciting thinking that people will be using the material–up until now it has felt exciting in a different way, even though i tried to keep teachers in mind while writing (shrug). ah well. so now people in 40-something states and a few foreign countries will be using lessons i put together to teach young people the virtues of saving sex for marriage (blush). may God be blessed by my words, which He knew before they were even on my tongue…


  4. kristen says:

    are you serious that you can’t comment on my blog? why would that be? i haven’t blocked anyone. maybe this explains why no one comments on me anymore. maybe i have a bug i need to work out.


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