Okay, so I’m a bit behind, but I just finished watching the final episodes of 24 on videotape (yes, that archaic invention) and I just have to say:

Jack Bauer versus 1.6 billion Chinese.  Sounds like a fair fight.


  1. proskeno says:

    i’m not sure this short post will produce the comments you hoped for.  (per our conversation last night)


  2. JennEd says:

    of course i am going to the wedding! are you?


  3. Mattyaction says:

    I was sort of disappointed overall with the ending. I think they burned the rubber of their tires soon with the first 16 episodes.


  4. PennyDaisy says:

    wait…which season are you watching?


  5. Jack Bauer’s da bomb, yo!


  6. so tell me what you think about this idea?  It’s kind of a spin-off from your’s and Paul’s.  Why doesn’t someone start a story with one line and then everyone adds a line to it through comments.  So we all end up writing a story together.  I think it could be fun (and perhaps even funny).  whatdya think?


  7. thewhatface says:

    Jack Bauer could take on all of Asia, in handcuffs, on some kind of illegal narcotic, with his wretched daughter whining about trust the whole time.


  8. nataliek28 says:

    Why yes I do. She is a great girl. She is getting married in July I think. She will know me. Thanks for all the messages. So you and Kellie are talking?


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