Of a Musical

I believe I have found, at long last, the theme of my would-be musical.  Oh, you don’t recall how, many months ago now, I stated with confidence my desire to compose a musical?  Well, perhaps you weren’t there when I said it, but trust me, ’twas said!  And I for one will let my “yes” be yes…

So, yes, I’ve discovered the theme of my musical.  It struck my mind as I was driving along the highway this evening–I had a melody lurking deep within, and the haunting question, “What is love?” seemed a phrase too near to be ignored yet too far to simply ponder or perceive.  This question must be sung.  So I began singing it to myself, and found myself singing some rather grave answers in reply, and then the old story came to mind upon which I might build something to rival “Cats” or even that wretched old “Phantom.”  (With such alternatives as these, I trust my labour of love will have your full support.)  But what is the old story, you might ask?

And well you might (smile).

::Edit::  Some of you are sceptical, so let me tease you with some clarity.  This would not be a musical along the lines of Wicked or Producers or any such foolishness (smile).  It would be more solemn, thoughtful, rich in meaning where these other shows certainly lack.  I cannot conceive why we have relegated the musical form to giddy, foolish comedies; mine will be more a drama, a lovely drama with small pieces mixed in to make one smile.  For example, the lyrics of one more moving song may flow as follows:

(the woman lies next to her lover, a god who is shrouded in darkness…she has never been allowed to look on him, yet she longs to see him…she is holding a shaded lamp, debating whether she ought to break his command in order that she might see him…)

And how shall I adore a beauty I shall never see?
O, though my lover be a god, yet not enough for me…
I long to love him and in pledge to give my body free
But shall a heart be given where no loving gaze can be?
O light!  Possess my love
O eyes, now make him mine
And may his beauty cast away all doubt within my mind!

(she breaks the lamp and light bursts across her sleeping husband and lover)

O god! My heart! My love! I cry–
I cannot look the more!
Such beauty here would dim the light which flows from heaven’s door!
What wondrous locks curl at thy crown,
What fair and noble brow–
My mortal heart collapses, my breathing quickens now–
O god! Possess thy love
O master, make me thine
I am yours…

p.s. Does anyone know what story this shall be? (smile)  I’m sure you must.


  1. lizapierce says:

    i love musicals! you have my support.


  2. I’m glad your comments are called “what the hecks” now.  I think it’s very appropriate after reading this post.  So, you’re going to write a musical?  That seems very odd to me for some reason but I’m hooked.  So will this musical possibly include some pussycats and a fiesty rockstar named Josie?  teeheehee
    On a more seriuos note, though, I think the question of what love is, is a very good topic to be explored.  And I think I’m gonna start a story on Tuesday and post the final product of that story on next Friday.  We’ll see how it turns out.  🙂


  3. “is love a fancy, or a feeling…”
    seems to me that we had a conversation about writing musicals once…involving midget cowboys…
    ya know, you could prolly create a dark and twisted story about midget cowboys singing about the meaning of love. mmm… *wink*


  4. PennyDaisy says:

    you still haven’t answered my question.


  5. nunosfriend says:

    um…musical…um…no, I’m not asking the plot…sorry, bro. unless it will be like Saucy Jack, the musical the guy from Spinal Tap wanted to do? Then, I’m interested…


  6. (long, low whistle)  Well, okay, Ritter, let’s see watcha got! (smile) 
    And Wicked is a drama, BTW.  (giggles)


  7. PennyDaisy says:

    Oh. Now that I think about it, I realize I probably never actually posed it as a question. It was probably one of those I-wonder-why’s. Sorry ’bout that. I’m curious about the Poet idea (when I said I wanted to be something–flattering even though that wasn’t what I meant). So…why’d you pick that?


  8. PennyDaisy says:

    p.s. sounds like the Church…


  9. GazingSoul says:

    shall one of the songs be “till we have faces”? ; ) i think it’s a lovely idea, david.


  10. awww… i didn’t mean for my comment to come across as belittling your musical writing aspirations, my friend. the topic just brought up that silly memory… *smile* the idea of singing midget cowboys made me laugh so hard… “and i dearly love to laugh.”
    sounds like you’ve got a start here… pretty powerful…mmm.just promise me that when your musical hits the theatres i will be able to go and see it at the fox! only such a beautiful place will do it justice! *smile*


  11. thewhatface says:

    A musical about Psyche and Cupid… I love it. I LOVE IT! I’d come see it… I’m sure there are operas about those crazy kids but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a musical about them…


  12. Hey, sorry I do not get to log on very often, because I have been so busy at work and after work. Thank you, I am glad you like the color. I have just finished “Prince Caspian.” I cheted just a bit and watch the PBC version of the “Silver Chair” and “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” while in Alabama over the weekend. However, I am still going to read them all. I am excited to hear that you want to write a musical. I loved “The Phantom of the Opera.”


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