Movie Night

In honour of the Precept Inductive Bible Study method, the following invitation is presented in the manner of the 5 W’s and the H…

Who: the regulars…and even your irregular friends, if they have the evening available
What: an occasion for the viewing of the movie pictured above, Clash of the Titans
When: Thursday next, at something like seven in the even (that’s poetic for “evening”)
Where: at the historic Ritterbush pad
Why: for lenten entertainment and mild mythological amusement
How: courtesy of my Netflix subscription and the mad claymation skills of whoever made this movie

Speaking of Precept, tonight began the eleven-week study in the Covenants.  The first week was an overview, and the part of it I finished before classtime tonight I much enjoyed.  I especially love the word studies.  For example, while it is typically translated “made a covenant,” the Hebrew word for “made” more closely means “cut, cut off, cut away, tear (as in flesh), destroy or make an end to, exclude from membership or association.”  Think of all this relates to for we who are in Him, we Gentiles who were strangers to the covenants of promise, without God and without hope in the world, but who have been brought near by the blood of Christ–how we who had been excluded now are miraculously included!  How He was torn and destroyed for us, that we might escape God’s wrath!  And that His covenant should be everlasting!  Amazing.

None of these profound realities were discussed in the classtime tonight, sadly.  But as Brooke reminds me, this is only the first week and is meant to be a simple overview–I should be patient.  Still, there were various interesting opinions voiced this evening, and a few poor interpretations, one which elicited a great groan or disagreement from most of the room.  Poor fellow.  Still, I have higher hopes for it, and at the least it will help me press on in accountability to finish it all.

For those who have never gone through a Precept Upon Precept study, I recommend them.  It certainly helps one begin to dig in and get grubby with the Word (though, of course, really one is getting clean–“Sanctify them by the Truth, Father; Your Word is Truth!”)…


  1. nunosfriend says:

    Two things…sometimes, if you feel led of the Spirit that something important should be discussed, but isn’t, you yourself have to bring it up…it is one of the ways that God uses the discussion to meet the people in that particular room rather than it following a syllabus like a college course which will be close to the same every time…Also, unless you can get a job like Brooke’s with tremendous amounts of freedom, under no circumstances should you work for them ***grin***


  2. well, as one who once asked my professor, in front of 500 fellow students, how, if the new city of Jerusalem was a square with it’s measurements equal to 12,000 furlongs on all four sides then how could it have a wall that was only 144 cubits, like, what’s the point, I can attest to the fact that maybe there are some things that don’t need to be brought up in public. It took weeks for me to live that one down, but hey, i still think it is a very valid question, one I have yet to get a good answer to, maybe there isn’t one, eh?
    Hebrews has been my favorite book lately, so full of rich doctrines and applications from the Old Testament. Sounds like a great class, slightly jealous am I, I was at work last night pushing Roast Beef and Potatoes. or Potatos. don’t know which it is. : )


  3. Rain check for me. For as much as I enjoy movie night I will be running through a rehearsal for Saturday. : )


  4. guess who needs to get some sleep…my “roomie” and i just watched the same movie twice. much silliness insued. but that’s okay… because “i am coyote”. *grin*oh, and two weeks is a long time… i wouldn’t neglect you for that long, but thanks for the freedom. *smile* we’ll talk you can go there and watch a video made by the speaker from the retreat. if nothing else, watch it for the scenery. i want to run away to simi valley, ca now…well, not now… maybe tomorrow… after work… mmm.


  5. who would have thought there was another person in the world who used *grin* just like you, but, yep, just met him. kinda freaked me out at first, I was like, david? but nope, just someone else who must hate 🙂 faces.
    oh, and I concur with bobs on the speaker, he may have been the best that I have ever had the privilege to sit under. If she’s going to ca, I think I must tag along. : )
    hope you are well friend.


  6. wow, you’re on the second page…
    what key do you usually do marvelous light in? I tried it in G but I think it is too high, moved it to E, but not sure if I completely like it. It’s hard, cause I don’t want to be too high, and I tend to lead really low, so somewhere in there is a happy medium, I am sure.


  7. okay, next question. (i have opted for the key of E on marvelous light, cause you’re right, me no likey G capoed…not good for my voice)
    chord progression for ‘love me like You do’? I remember you tried one time, and I didn’t get it, but hey, I’m much more teachable now. : ) I just can’t find the beginning, at least on the guitar.
    gracias amigo.


  8. Ha, I think I got it! thanks. I think I even have the rhythm down, which would be close to a first for me. : )
    okay. magnificent one. ? not supposed to be hard, but…um, yeah. I can’t get the third chord in the chorus. It just isn’t flowing. I am playing it in G capoed on the first, I think, but…help?
    let me know when I start to become annoying, please. *grin*


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