Last night I took a few hours to thoroughly clean my bedroom, and in so doing decided that I would move this furniture here, place that lamp there, and reconstruct my room.  This will be the third arrangement this room has had since I moved here, but I think the transitions add a fresh perspective to things.  In fact, I’m looking longingly at the living room to do the same, but those bookshelves would be a beast to move around.  Hmmm.  But just to warn you all, the hideous green recliner from my college days is currently a new addition to the living room–we’ll see if she lasts out there.  Unsightly chair, it had previously been chained up in my bedroom where none should have the misfortune of looking upon it, and there it was sat in rarely and more often became simply another surface upon which to throw clothes which could be recycled.  And so, part of my reason for moving the chunky thing out of the bedroom was that I might not have such a place to throw clothing but instead learn to manage the wardrobe better. 

And sad that I should spend so many words on moving a recliner, eh? 

In other news, I recently finished London’s “The Sea Wolf,” and still have a small pile of books by my bed waiting to be turned through.  Thought I’d take a vote: which of the following books should be next on my list?

A. I, Claudius by Robert Graves
B. Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
C. Rabbit Run by John Updike
D. some Chekhov short stories and a bit of collected poetry for a little while, in honour of coming autumn

Any recommendations?  I’m carrying poetry around everywhere anyway–it is fall, after all!  The season of creative sparks…


  1. you know what I would choose…I think I almost borrowed it once, in what feels rather like another life : ) and after you can read it you can watch the PBS series, it was pretty amazing.
    just wanted to say thanks, (it was the Am that was throwing me in the beginning) and I found…well, here, you see. He either stole your look or you stole his.


  2. nunosfriend says:

    I’d go with Chekhov


  3. lizapierce says:

    i have moved chairs around, in and out of my bedroom, so many different times in my life, all in an effort to not throw clothes upon them. it works for about a day, then i always find somewhere else to throw the clothes.


  4. Anonymous says:

    my vote: NOT rabbit run. blech. i started it and was appalled, so i stopped. my choice for you would be robinson crusoe…at times, you seem like a castaway wanna-be. i might pick that for my book club next time it’s my choice–then we can make like linda richman from coffee talk and “discuss.”


  5. JennEd says:

    I, ClaudiusHowever, back in my undergraduate days (what a great phrase that I’ve been dying to use) I spent a semester on Updike. Rabbit Run is worth a read, although you should commit to reading the entire series before you begin it.


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