All We Need

I woke up this morning and lay in bed thinking for awhile, then eventually got up and shuffled off to the shower. While in the shower I started to sing, just one line coming out as a prayer: “You are all, all I need.” And I realised that the repitition of the word “all” was not for effect, but instead the truth that I need more than just one person in this world.

This is where I began to wonder at how, often, we sing or speak of how so-and-so is the only person we need…and we do this in order to express “love.” The dramatic man signs of how he needs his beloved, and only her, in order to live in this world. The love-stricken woman writes a note of romance to her lover, claiming she thinks or desires him and only him. Thus, by our singling out of this one creature or person against all others, we are making them “special” and this specialness we consider “love.”

But that’s not what love is. And that is not the truth of our need. We never need only one person, whetehr they be the sweetest, fairest, most lovely person in the world or not. Two cannot satisfy each other. You need more. Even spiritually this rings true, for God is three and all three my humanity has desperate need of. Need needs more than one…


  1. Anonymous says:

    both aspects of your post ring true–that we need more than one other human being, and that we need a triune God. Matt and i were talking about those kinds of things in light of having moved around so much, mostly in the middle east, since we got married. moving around a lot means we are each other’s support system. the positive aspect of that is that we can be honest with each other and are great friends. the not-so-positive is that human beings need community–not just one other person. also, having lived around muslims so much, we naturally end up questioning this whole trinity thing (which tends to be their biggest criticism of Christianity). I was telling Matt one day how Muslims are right–it doesn’t really make any sense, and most of the analogies are pretty nonsensical as well. He agreed, but said the problem was there wasn’t any element of the trinity he was willing to give up. and i had to agree. father son and spirit are all needed. –laurie


  2. Broadstone says:

    I am always in wonder when someone decides to describe their most private bathroom/shower experiences with other people…especially the blogging community.




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