BryanEllis did it…mostly by ground-thumping, then jumping around like a maniac.
The Tenth Challenge is complete.
Well done, my friend.

Oh, and…way to go, Jim Halpert!  Step on up to the plate, bro.

And who will be the CPW for the coming week?
Only time and opportunity will tell…


  1. nunosfriend says:

    Bryan Ellis is a small blue-grey and red sash marked god-like video game character among men. Way to go, Le Tigre!


  2. *laugh* oh wow.
    i love you guys… that’s all i have to say.


  3. Lutc125 says:

    I’m not sure if i’m ready to relinquish my title yet, i have not backed down from a challenage and i don’t plan on doing so today either.  May the games begin.


  4. aleysh says:

    hello again. its been awhile since i’ve been here (on xanga).thank you for writing me back. it was good to know that my story was helpful. and i am glad things seem to be going well with your work. i have happy news myself: i am newly engaged! (a perfect end to the story!)and yes i’d love to hear your music! how can i?


  5. nunosfriend says:

    ok, I need a ruling…what if another potential CPW is on the scene at the same time? Do we split the points or each get full credit? Also, does it have to be a purely social thing? What if its for another, higher purpose?my hunch is that LeTigre’s one may be worth more than six or seven for the rest of us…just a hunch


  6. Hey. So, this is unrelated to your post. Is that alright? Well, guess you don’t have a choice, ’cause you’re gonna read what I write anyway. You see, I’m putting together a reading list for the summer, and I have asked a lot of my friends to add their two cents, or more preferably, their top five recommendations. They can be as broad and eclectic as you want, but I like to have a lot to choose from. I also think its interesting seeing what books have shaped the lives and minds of other people and then trying them out myself. So…whenever you get a chance I’d appreciate some recommendations. Have a great night!


  7. proskeno says:

    i say no more hard words or deep nods. let’s do…joyfulwords and shiny giggles?


  8. nunosfriend says:

    ok, I have either 7 + 2 “C” points for 9 or 4+2 for 6 depending on whether I share my points as pertaining to my other question with a potential loss of 3 for what we will term a potential anti Le Tigre moment earlier although I don’t think that was my short term intention, it may have come out that way…
    do I get bonus points for foreign activity, like literally in another country? because I may have that next week…the miracles of modern technology


  9. I’m so confused!!!!! 


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